Better working environment for better students’ motivation – FRANCE

During year one of the Simple project, we found out that in the schools of our Swedish and Dutch partners, the work environment is a priority (walls decorated by students, comfortable areas for students to relax and socialise, bright colours in corridors and classrooms…). We noticed that students there feel at home in their schools. This led us to ask the Art class in our school to draft  painting projects for a science classroom. The best project was then selected and the whole art class painted it on one of the science classroom walls.Here is the result on the following pictures. (an English classroom will be decorated next school year).

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Science Fair at the French library

Here is the exhibition of the work led by the French students for the international science fair in Empoli. The posters have been displayed in the school library for a few weeks (until the end of the school year). In September, the posters will be pinned in the science classrooms. Pointing out the quality of the students’ work aims at inspiring their classmates, as well as encouraging them to create a motivating work environment. Continue reading “Science Fair at the French library”