International Science Fair and Workshops

From 18 to 22 March, our International Science Fair was held in Empoli. Among the many projects presented, the winner was “Feed the World” from Sweden, the second place went to Italy with “A fridge without electricity”, and the third place to Germany with a project on environmentally friendly plastic bags.

During the meeting, also job-shadowing for teachers and workshops for students took place (download the activity attached below).


Measurement of dynamic viscosity


Visit to Zignago glass factory

On 18th December 2017, class 2E of the High School “Il Pontormo ” visited the glass company ZIGNAGO, on the outskirts of Empoli. The factory is completely automated and the various stages of processing are controlled by computers.

After the first theoretical introduction we witnessed all the stages that, from a “drop” of molten glass, the vitreous paste, lead to the finished bottle, then packed and prepared for the shipping.

The company is known for the large recycling capacity of old glass scraps, which allows to create new products starting from waste material, defined by the factory workers “a real raw material”.

Presentation Zignago glass factory visit