Let the winter begin

First Erasmus+ conference in Schweden, Uppsala

On Wednesday, November 9, the German delegation from the Ostendorf-Gymnasium started to the first Erasmus + conference in Sweden. In Germany a snowflake causes an absolute traffic jam, but not in sweden! The shuttle bus from the Arlanda Airport to Uppsala hurtled unhindered through a 20cm thick snow covered street to the destination.

At the common dinner, all conference participants from the different countries could get to know each other for the first time.
Teachers from five schools in Germany, France, Italy, the Netherlands and Sweden met to work on the common Erasmus + project “Simple”.
The sciences of the Ostendorf-Gymnasium were represented by the colleagues Bleidick, Grundmann, Lasik and Scholz.

Under the project name SIMPLE (Science = independence + motivation + products = learning easily), all colleagues worked with the aim of making science teaching even more motivating.
To achieve this, several building blocks are used.
On the one hand, the modern method of the flipped classroom / inverted classroom is used. With this method pupils create films to teach contents, which are used for the learning input at the other schools in the classroom.
In addition, science-fair will be introduced as a competition at each school in the other nations. With this building block we get international exchange of experiences and results about this competition.
A further building block is “job-shadowing“, or training in the lessons of the colleagues from the other countries. This part also includes the reflection of own teaching methods with regard to the motivation of the pupils.
Furthermore, during the school year, as well as during the project meetings, the pupils should get to know outside-school learning places from the MINT area.

The first SIMPLE conference served as a detailed arrangement for the implementation of the flipped classrooms and science fair. Questionnaires were designed to understand the students’ motivation and evaluate lessons, which were used in the subsequent job-shadowing. In addition, there was a lively exchange about teaching and teaching contents in the various countries.

In addition to the hard and effective work, we enjoyed the Swedish hospitality and walked in the footsteps of the elks, bears and wild boars. On Saturday, we got a historical and sciences training and were able to visit the Efficacy of the biologist Carl von Linné and physicist Anders Jonas Angström, which made our scientific heart beat faster.

We are looking forward to the next 2 years of project work, which is not only due to collegial school exchanges, but also to intercultural exchange with a communicative challenge.

A continuation follows in March 2017 in Uden (Netherlands).

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